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The Power in Realizing Your Position in Christ

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by Andrew Murray
By Christian Author Matt Hardy

In walking out our Christian lives, , so much of our being able to bridge the gap between what we see happen in our lives, and what the Bible says is true come from what we believe and what our perceptions of truth are.

That is why there is so much power in realizing your position in Christ, as our position in Christ is the foundation for us to be able to grow and move ahead in our Christian faith, particularly in the area of walking in and possessing what the Lord has promised us in His Word.

The foundation of your position in Christ is based on what Jesus' shed blood bought for us on the Cross. In going to the Cross, Jesus Christ sacrificially paid the price to make a way for us to know and be in relationship with God as our Heavenly Father (from whom we receive every good and perfect gift - James 1:17).

Through Jesus' sacrifice, we have been translated into the family of Heaven, where we are able to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. This relationship (as being part of the family of Heaven), is the foundational basis from which our position in Christ - where we are sons and daughters of the Lord - springs and it enables the power and blessing of Heaven to flow into our lives.

Once you begin to realize your position in Christ, it begins to transform your way of thinking and allows you to talk closer with the Lord in a greater level of victory.

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